The best apps for love couple


Everyone is busy nowadays, they have no special time talking to theirs. All of them are affiliated only with their social media through social media. some people meet on social media only when they are talking about doing love. They do not even know about this partner, like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or another social media dating apps. Due to being in the busy schedule, people can talks to your partner only with you. And all of them are very good for each one love couples.

couple app

           The couple is a more intimate way to share your life and good or best way to stay in touch with your favorite person. A couple, the application for two peoples or lover.

Features of this app

1 = Private timeline to build up a should history & remember all your special moments.

2= Real time messaging and sharing of videos, voice messages and photo filters to express yourself.

3= Send secrets – photos that disappear after a fixed time (24 hours).

4=yea !  Thumbkiss, when you want to be close, haha haha!  Whether meet door across continents touch the same place on your phones to make them both vibrate at the same time.

5=Sketch together in real time – draw pictures or play games.

6= Calendar reminders any schedule dates, automatic notification of birthday, anniversaries etc

7= Finds highly rated meaning and right life venues plus restaurants to suggesting them to your partner for a date.

8= Chat using the web app when you are on your pc or personal computer.

Between – private couple app


Between is a mobile application for lovers  ( true love vs fake love )or couple in love. Chatting, sharing photos and schedules in a private space just for two.

Features of this app

1= GET COUNTDOWN TO SPECIALS WAYS ( calendar ):-Tell us when you first meet, and between ( an application ) will tell you how many days are left until the week important day in your relationship.

2= MOMENTS:-Collect &  share memorable moments, look back on uploaded photos, videos, notes, etc.

3= CHAT:- this application is perfect for couples! use between stickers & emotions to pepper your chat with love.

4= CALENDAR ( RECORD YOUR DAYS ): Record upcoming dates to remind each other & see your shared memories in one calendar.

5= chat using the web application when you are on your computer or pc.

Happn– local dating app

It’s a new dating app that launched in France five months ago & has just come to the UK. it’s got a lot of buzzes around it – 1,00,000 people have signed up for the application in the first five weeks. HAAPN’S tagline is  “ find the people you have crossed point with” which it does by helping to your discover other singles.

features of this app

1= EASY TO SET UP A PROFILE:- Our bester was up & running in less than a minute.

2= IT LISTS PEOPLE’S PROFESSION:- this is a major advantage over tender, knowing what someone does for a living can easily make them so much more attractive and more important.

3=IT’S handy being able to send, without having to wait for a mutual” like”.

4= we come across lots of attractive men ha ha haha!.

5=  conversation seemed hard to come by though our users had plenty of crushes there has been no message.

6= GREAT for looks-up, maybe so ideal for serious dating.

POF free dating app

plenty of fish ( pof ) is an online dating service, popular in Canada, the UK, Iceland, Australia, Brazil & the  U.S  IT  is free to use, pof offers premium services as part of their up graded membership such as who has ” liked ” a member through the service.

features if this  app

1= use progress coordinating calculation for free.

2= views us matching for free sort by last on the web most up to date clients & that only the tip of ( ice busy ).

3= in particular, send & get boundless messages for free.!Everyone

4= get the world didn’t yet have enough messaging apps, dating website HowAboutWe has introduced a new one made just for couples.