Top 10 Best Webcam Covers for your Laptops

Online privacy is what should matter most in the current scenario. Your system can easily be hacked into and the hackers can gain access to your sensitive information quite easily. One of the access routes that hackers use to access your system is through webcams. In fact, your webcam is one of the most vulnerable parts of your computer system from the hacking point of view. That is where the need for a Webcam Covers comes to the fore. Let us check out the top 10 best webcam covers in this article.

Save your Cam with these Best Webcam Covers

As we stated above webcam covers play an important role in safeguarding you against hacking. Most of the users are aware of this issue and resort to the cheaper options to cover their webcams. One of these methods used includes using black tapes. These methods can harm your webcam. As such, it would be advisable to opt for a professional quality laptop webcam cover so that you can save money (and privacy) in the long run.

#1. Sunshot Magnet Slider Web Camera Cover

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This one can be considered to be one of the slimmest laptop webcam covers with just 0.7 mm thickness. The extreme thin design ensures that it will not interfere when you close your laptop. The quality is durable enough. The metal and magnet combination fits very well onto your laptop. The webcam cover comes with a one year warranty. The adhesive is capable of offering a long lasting grip.

The Sunshot Magnet Slider Web Camera Cover is available at $ 5.99 on Amazon.

#2. SpiShutter

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If you are using a MacBook, SpiShutter would be your best bet for a computer camera blocker. The webcam cover lets you slide the cover to left or right so that you can use it when needed and keep it covered at other times. The laptop webcam cover comes with no adhesive thus there is no issue of any residue on your Macbook. You can get a one year warranty along with a 30-day money back trial. However, only issue could be the fact that they work only with Macbooks. If you do not have a Macbook, these are of no use for you even if you like them.

You can buy SpiShutter Classic Magnetic Webcam Shield for Macbook at $ 14.99

#3. C – Slide

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The C-Slide laptop cover comes in multiple versions. You can choose the option that meets your requirements. Whether you have a laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet – there is a version for every one of your needs. The laptop webcam cover also comes with a built-in mirror if you want to use it as a mirror. However, the computer webcam cover from C-Slide is known to be a little fragile. However, if you have a laptop with curved edges, it may not work with your device.

The C-Slide Webcam Cover for Laptops at $ 5.95 on Amazon.

#4. Blue Lightning WebCam Cover

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Blue Lightening has brought the new laptop webcam cover deviating from the trend of sliding design. It comprises of stickable nonstick material. It can cover your laptop webcam without leaving any residue. The smaller size makes it easy to fit on any of your products. You need not worry about compatibility as it can fit on any surface with ease.  It has been claimed to be of reusable properties so that you can use it for over 250,000 applications.

The Blue Lightening WebCam Cover Solid Black can be bought on Amazon at $ 5.97

#5. S-Privacy Webcam Cover

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If a high-quality webcam protector is what you are looking for, S-Privacy is the best you can go for. The webcam cover is made of high-quality dense plastic and quite thin thereby making it easy to close your laptop without it hindering in any way. It does fit on every laptop and easy to use. The tape does not leave any residue. In addition, it also provides you a better grip. The product is printed and made in Europe.

The S-Privacy Webcam Cover is available on Amazon at $ 10.90

#6. Security Guardians

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The Velcro-secured webcam cover comes with the softer felt design. The webcam cover is available in different themes. You can use the funny sports based themes if you are a student or want to use it at home, or switch to a professional look while using it at your office. Even with Velcro, you can close your laptop with it on. The webcam cover may be a little expensive. You can either choose the plain colors or opt for more designs for fun. The choice is yours.

You can buy the pack of four on Amazon at $ 9.99.

#7. Eyebloc Webcam Cover

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The Eyebloc Webcam cover has no adhesive, and that would mean it will not leave any residue or stickiness. But, you will need to take it off every time you close your laptop. That is precisely what makes it a little cumbersome to use. There is always a chance of losing it. Moreover, you may need to go for separate covers for different models. There have been a few reports that the cover may not be suitable for Macbooks.

The Eyebloc Webcam cover can be bought at $ 5.99 on Amazon.

#8. camJAMR

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camJAMR is a well-known manufacturer of privacy stickers that can be removed and reused. It works with a variety of products like smartphones, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets and smart TVs. The sticker is reusable and that is what makes it one of the best laptop webcam covers. The cover is available in different color options and thus can be matched with different products you may have.

The camJAMR webcam cover can be obtained on Amazon at just $ 5.95.

#9. ProTech Privacy Webcam Cover

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This is yet another webcam cover that comes under the slider genre of laptop webcam cover. The laptop webcam cover is a little thicker. However, it still provides you a durable build quality.  It has a thickness of 1.3 mm and as such can cause a few issues with some laptops while closing it. But the durability is what makes it one of the best webcam covers you can opt for.  For those who love different color options, the cover is available in Black Cast, Black Metal, and Silver Metal options.

The ProTech Black magnet web cam cover can be purchased at $ 7.99 on Amazon.

#10. CloudValley Privacy Cover

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If you want a webcam cover that has a minimalistic design, CloudValley is the best option for your needs. The webcam cover is available in a slider design. A 0.8mm thickness ensures that you can close your laptop easily even with the cover staying safely on your webcam. The webcam cover has a special coating that further enhances the comfortability of the laptop camera cover. It is made of high-grade ABS plastic that is quite durable. You need not compromise on quality if you wish to.

Lay your hands on the excellent and awesome CloudValley Privacy Cover at $ 7.99 on Amazon.

The Concluding Thoughts for Best Webcam Covers

Protecting your web camera from being compromised is the need of the hour in the changed scenario right now. Instead of going for the other methods – the cheaper ones like using the black tapes – these professional quality best webcam covers can offer you a better functionality and a perfect appearance as well.

Do let us know of your favorite webcam cover among the ones in this list. Do share your experiences with us. If you have any other favorites that you would want to share with us, you are free to let us know of them as well. Who knows, we may include those webcam covers in our future updates, if we find them worthy of being listed among the Top 10 best webcam covers.