Buying Guide of rugged smartphone

It’s quite pocket pinching when you see the spider web patterned cracked screen of your smartphone. Water sprays, extreme temperature, vibration and bumps can make you lose your smartphone screen forever. Luckily there are certain varieties of smartphone that are not fragile flowers. They are strong in construction and serve you in the best possible way. The waterproof, dust resistant, weather resistant and perfectly optimized for multimedia, a rugged phone lets you have it all without facing any problem.

So what makes a smartphone perfectly rugged? There are certain parameters which the buyers need to pay attention before grabbing any rugged smartphone. The companies like CAT, AGM, Ulefone and many other are offering the rugged smartphone but picking up one of them is not that easy. So we have came up with some important factors which will helps you to make it clear which rugged Smartphone is good for you. Let’s know them in detail –

Battery life

Since a rugged phone is particularly meant for trade and business users, battery longevity is the first thing that prospect buyer you should consider. A large built in battery doesn’t need to be costly every time. However, it’s going to serve you for many important purposes. Minimum 3600 MaH battery power should be considered. The best in class rugged smartphone can comprise up to 6000 MAH battery power.


Security is another big issue when you buy any kind of featured smartphone. Try to know about the operating system and security parameters that has.

Quality and price rationality

Every business class demands quality in whatever gadget they purchase. The brought commodity is expected to work for a couple of years without creating any hassles. Apart from security being one of the most important features of buying a rugged smartphone, it should also come up with decent serviceability. If you want your business to run smoothly, the services rendered by your gadgets should be flawless. An all-rounder rugged smartphone should not cost you more than $150.


People commonly end up breaking the smartphones due to accidental drops. The best is to buy a rugged smartphone that features more ruggedness. Apart from being absolutely waterproof, it should be designed correctly to avoid any accidental dropouts. The anti-slip casing is really important in any rugged smartphone

Rational screen size

The screen size of the smartphone should not exceed more than 5 inch. In the era of changing fashions, you cannot afford to follow the trend with closed eyes. Being more of a business person, your rugged smartphone should aptly fit in your pocket. A bigger LCD screen requires a larger battery power to run them up. Go for an average screen size that eliminates unnecessary battery consumption and perfectly round all your applications.

Besides everything, brightness adjustment is another important feature that your smartphone should have. Alternatively, you can download blue light filter and moonlight application to customize the screen of your phone.

Any suggestions

The CAT S60, AGM X2, Samsung Galaxy rugby Pro, Samsung Galaxy S7 active, and Kyocera hydro series are some of the best rugged smartphone that deserve a thought from you. The perfect screen size with rugged functionalities makes these smartphones an attractive option for every user.