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Belarus’s forex market accelerated its growth in 2016, after the enactment of the presidential Act “On the Over-the-Counter Forex Market Operation.” The legislation provided a green light for businesses seeking ways of how to start a brokerage business. Today, the community ranks Belarus as one of the most attractive countries in which to establish a foreign exchange brokerage company.

A Forex CRM system is a customer relationship management tool used in the foreign exchange market. This software aims to allow users to record all customer interactions in one place to serve their clients better and manage their business in general. The term “CRM” was popularized by companies selling software for managing direct sales. Still, since they already had an established brand, it became synonymous with any “customer relations management.” Forex CRMs do not sell products directly; they are not selling anything at all; instead, these programs provide an administrative service that makes working with customers easier (hence the use of a CRM). The idea is that if you can save time and effort in one aspect of your business (in this case, client relations), you will be more efficient overall. The result is more satisfied customers (which, in turn, means tremendous success) and happier employees.