Finding an Expert Whiteboard Animator for Your Business

Unlike videos, TV ads, and other electronic adverts, white board animation is fantastic in very many ways for a new business. It has high productivity that even makes it really cool as compared to banners and posters. And while many startups are advised to use it, finding the most ideal expert to create one for you can be tough. So how do you go about it?

The simplest option to begin from if you have no clue is your loved ones. Asking friends and family members to recommend a whiteboard animator can be an obvious option. All you need to do is ask. Often you may write off your loved ones as having no clue but you never know until you’ve tried. Some of our loved ones have done this before and could be using whiteboard animation already.

In case you know an animator already you should find out what they have that makes them great for your work. Usually a collection of previous jobs is an awesome place to begin from. It doesn’t mean you are rude if you asked for previous collection of the artists work. In fact any professional whiteboard animator should readily understand your need to see their previous works.

Finding an Expert Whiteboard Animator for Your Business

Come to think of it, you should also ask the animator about their professional background. Yes, this is very important. According to experts from Spiel, a great whiteboard animator shouldn’t rely on talent alone, no! There are certain expert tips that are taught in class, for instance the use of white space, balancing, and presentation of facts. You need to make your whiteboard animation to flow.

Additionally the level of experience is also very important. How long has your whiteboard animator been on real practice? Usually the level of experience will determine how exposed your animator is to the intricacies of the job. This can be a great addition as you can easily find a great job with many foreseeable challenges if any. Therefore level of experience shouldn’t be written off in any way.

The best part however comes on the reviews. What type of customer reviews do your whiteboard animators enjoy? What precedes them is really important to who they really are. For whiteboard animators who have been on practice for a long time they must have a well presented website that you can visit to find enough user reviews to work with. However, you can also look for independent reviews if any.

Finally asking for a few references can be a great addition too. Professional firms will serve you with a great database of references and leave you to pick a few of your own who you can visit. You should therefore find your references and make follow ups to find out how your intended animator works or serves customers.


To Spiel, references are basically to find out what the customer experience was like. It is a great way to know whether the firm values customers or not. You must therefore ask for it whenever possible.

Finding a great whiteboard animator is not easy. However, if you follow the tips that we have given you today and possibly followed your guts too, you can easily find the perfect firm to work with.