How to Identify Perfect Market for Your Mobile App

There are over a million apps on Play store and App Store and about 20,000 apps are being added each month. Almost every business are going for an app development for their business. With so many apps around it is always a great idea to plan a mobile app development and marketing strategy before the development of the app.  Launching a mobile app in a crowded market is always going to be challenging. The bigger companies with large marketing budget get most of the attention irrespective of the quality of their products.

Perfect Market for Your Mobile App

New business who plans to launch their mobile app needs to plan carefully from development to marketing their product. If fail to plan about their app it likely attracts less number of downloads. While user may spend 63 percent more time in apps every month then they did couple of years ago

Why should you Identity your target Audience?

Determining your target is really important before actually starting to develop a mobile app. Identifying the target audience will help you plan out development work of the mobile app. You can estimate use of the app and can gauge how you can monetize the app once it is on the app store and play store.

Market Research

Market research is the most important element in your app development process. You would likely to have limited amounts of time and resources to put into the development and advertising your mobile app, you want to waste as little as possible. So why not strive your limited expense to those who most likely to provide better ROI? Research about the target audience, their preference, demographics, age groups.

Conduct Surveys

If you want to develop a more detailed understanding of consumers in the market, you will need to some of the on ground work. One of the best methods of the audience- information gathering is conducting online surveys. Creating an effective marketing survey is one of the best ways to determine what the things that interest your user.  It is also one of the most effective ways to gauge the market and connect with your targeted audience.  A survey will also help you to determine if your mobile app idea is viable and should you invest your time and money to develop an app.


Are You App good fit for Mobile Platforms?

You need to figure out which platform works the best for the app before starting the development of the mobile app. Some target demographic are web-app savvy, this doesn’t guarantee that your user will find the app useful. Some apps are a natural fit for mobile.  Social networking app is the best examples of an app that’s designed to be used on the go. Make sure the app that is you planning to develop is one that you would like to use on their phones or tablets.

Embracing a Mobile Niche

You need to figure out the niche in which your mobile app will be operating. By narrowing the market for an app, you improve your chance to gaining traction among the users and potential users. Product built for a select group of user that solve a particular problem.

Determine Target Audience

Your first area of focus should on identifying the target audience.  The identifying target demographic, user profile, their purchase/behavior pattern etc. can help you to determine how to approach the development process and market your mobile app.

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