How to improve the Reading and Writing Skills



Reading and writing skills are crucial aspects in self-expression and effective communication. Hence it is necessary to learn these required skills.
Many students struggle with reading and writing, and in some cases it seems like a real challenge to improve on the skills. However, there are effective strategies that one can use to improve on the two crucial skills as discussed.
A. Learn the basics
Before an individual starts reading and writing credible content, he/she will need an understanding of the basic principles involved in both. The basics of grammar and spelling are valuable skills that help to improve the reading and writing skills. Many learners buy expensive books in other areas, but fail to invest much in the booksthat can help them improve their grammar.


B. Expand individual knowledge of vocabulary
For an individual to express himself clearly, they require good vocabulary. It is not only about having difficult words to use but being able to use them correctly. The best way to learn vocabulary is to use the words in sentences. After learning a new word, it is necessary to use the word in different forms and all the prepositions associated with it.
C. Mastery of proper spelling of words
Another significant aspect is to know how to spell words correctly, since incorrect spelling of word can changeits intended meaning completely. Words may sound the same, but their meanings are different. The use of incorrect spelling of words makes the reader unable to understand the intended message.
D. Read widely
Human beings resemble mirrors in regard to reading and writing. We reflect what we have taken in our minds back to the world through writing or communicating. A person who reads widely is informative and updated and at the same time has excellent communication skills. Different types of reading materials portray different message and also use different vocabulary which is helpful for someone who wants to learn. Reading widely helps to improve the word choice and sentence structure.

E. Read and write with passion
Attitude is necessary in helping an individual improve their reading and writing skills. Learners ought to have the right attitude that in turn gives them the passion for reading and writing correctly. Passion acts like a driving force for the improvement of reading and writing skills. Best writers turn out to be keen readers and reading regularly helps to develop the writing skills.
F. Practice Reading and writing
Reading and writing can be challenging to people who do not practice it. The best way to improve on the skills is to get a pen and paper and do some actual writing. Also important is to have a wide array of books to read oftenand improve on the reading and writing skills. Practice it severally and eventually, you will succeed.
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