How to Join two Photos Into one Frame Online

Want to merge your pictures on regular basis? Online Photo Joiner is a tool that assists you to join two photos into a single frame. This online tool is very light, simple and easy to use and its best part is that it does not need any pro expertise. It is free to use for everyone completely.

So what you are waiting for?

Go for this online tool to join your photos into a single frame as this is ideal for you.

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a single frame of two pictures –

  • Firstly, go to OnlinePhotoJoiner website where you can combine your photos conveniently.

The webpage of the above picture screenshot will be displayed.

  • Then what to do next? Click on the upload button that is shown in the below added screenshot.

  • After clicking on upload button, a box will be displayed. Select the pictures that you want to merge into a single frame. After that, click on Open button at the right end of the box.

Note- Make sure that whichever picture you want to add at the left side of the frame, upload that picture first and then select another picture that you want at the right side of the frame.

  • After clicking on Open button, your photos are uploaded in online photo joiner.

  • After uploading, click on the Merge button to combine your photos.
  • After clicking on the Merge button, you will see a page where you can open your processed image and download your processed image.

  • Click on the open processed image hypertext to open your resultant image.

After clicking, you will get your combined resultant image as shown above.

  • If you click on download processed image hypertext, you can download the merged image into your computer or mobile, etc.

That all! As you can see from the above mentioned steps that it is too simple and easy to combine your two photos into a single frame conveniently.

So let’s have a look at some of the benefits of merging pictures and situations where the merging of pictures are required.

There are so many distinct methods to combine images together into one frame. Most of the people approach online photo joiner to get the best of their images.

  • As each image requires its own memory in the phone or your PC, merging photos into one single photo helps in the reduction of your equipped memory space.
  • The merged picture doesn’t look like the combination of two different images; rather it seems to be a single picture.
  • Most of the occasion in which a photo shoot could be really upgraded by merging distinct pictures with each other.  
  • When combining from the identical location, the advantage is that, probably, the shooting and lightning settings are the similar (or same).
  • Along with this, the location being the identical makes for a simpler combination.

What are the advantages of using Online Photo Joiner tool?

  • No need to install an app or software in your phone or your computer, so the phone memory is completely saved.
  • Online Photo Joiner tool is entirely secured as there is no chance of misusing of your private images.
  • No special skill is required to use this tool, from a child to an old man, can easily use this.
  • It is simple, free and easy to use.

Go for this simple tool that is perfect for you and for combining your images and don’t forget to share your experience with us.