To Optus or Not? A Look at One of the Leading Telcos of Australia

Optus, a subsidiary of Singtel, is the second largest telco in Australia. The company also owns other subsidiary brands in different markets, such as Virgin Mobile Australia, Uecomm and Alphawest.

It has been the main competitor to Telstra for the title of the biggest broadband provider of Australia, for over two decades now. The competition in recent years between the two giants has stiffened. Still, Optus continues to be a big player in Australia’s telecommunications industry. Optus is also the only telecommunications company, other than Telstra, to own an internet infrastructure of its own. Even though Optus utilises Telstra’s infrastructure for some of its plans, it is still normally considered as cheaper among the two providers.

Optus offers a wide range of internet plans, including mobile broadband, ‘ADSL and Cable’ and NBN connections. The company also provides home broadband.

Broadband Plans

All of the broadband plans offered by Optus have unlimited data. The most popular one generating the highest revenue for the company is its fixed line broadband plans. There are different bundled internet plans and almost all of them include a home phone line with various call inclusion levels. While everyone enjoys easy access to ADSL, some people still need to verify if their home is eligible for cable internet or an NBN connection.

You have the option of either a ‘month to month’ or 24 month contract for most plans. The former charges you $200 for set-up. All of the fixed-line plans of Optus include a Wi-Fi modem and charge nothing for installation and setup by the technician.

You can check out this detailed review of Optus’ broadband packages.

NBN Plans

NBN (National Broadband Network) is a new Australian government-owned broadband connection that aims to provide access to fast broadband services all over Australia. The system incorporates NBN™ technology that has already started to rollout across Australia.

NBN™ contains both fixed line connections (Fibre to the Premises, Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Building and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) and fixed wireless connections.

Optus has acquired this broadband connection aiming to prepare your business or home for the future with a reliable and fast internet and phone service.

The benefits of Optus’ NBN plans (as claimed by the company) include:

  • Fast speed with ‘NBN speed pack’. This also allows different devices in a household to connect all at one time.
  • Limitless streaming option. You will be able to quickly access your favourite content including movies, music and video clips and enjoy seamless entertainment.
  • Dynamic plans for businesses and homes including different broadband plans and exclusive entertainment content.

Even though the promises are big, it appears to be a problem for Optus to deliver fast speed through its NBN connection. Other companies also have faced the same problem with their NBN connection speed leaving the customers highly disappointed. As it turns out, Optus has decided to refund its NBN customers who could not get the promised speeds.

The Final Word

Australia’s second biggest telco offers some great services that are reliable and affordable, making it hard to ignore. The NPN connection glitch can be excused as of yet, since all the telecommunication companies have faced the same issue indicating that the NBN rollout has somewhat failed.