SEO Tips for Successful Local Business Search Ranking

You may think about how to be ranked in Google Local search result that drives more customers on your website and fulfills your desire outcomes such as purchase good or contacts us details. However, primarily you concerned about how you can start and budget. Getting rank in local search keyword is very tough nowadays, because many large companies are now concentrating on domestic market through their local retail shop and creating big competitive markets. If you are running any small or medium scale business like restaurant, plumbing or grocery store. Then this article is right for you, because most these tips are casual to implement on your website.

Primary benefits of optimizing your website for the local search result is to increase the flow of local audience into your business, who can easily reach to your service or products and aware about your store location. Local search ranking strategies are slightly different from global marketing plan because here, you have to focus only on targeted audience that is thin vision. In addition, local advertising strategy is more efficiently executed because marketers are fully aware of their people taste and preference and many local search engine-marketing opportunities are free.

The below are some common tips for local search optimization, useful for locally based business.

On-Page Optimization: Website optimization is always a foremost task in website promotion activity and it should always consider at the time of website development. Why ? On-page optimization is the most important ranking improvement elements in search engine. There are more than 50+ factors responsible for ranking in search result, but you do not need to consider all of them. Below are the lists of some common checklist for the successful on-page optimization process.

  • HTML & CSS Validation
  • Loading Time
  • Non-WWW to WWW Redirection
  • URLs structure – Example:
  • Custom 404 Page with 404 status code
  • Header Tags
  • Contact Us Page
  • Analytics Tracking Code

Content Optimization: Content is the most valuable tool to get the desired ranking in the search result as well as it helps your visitor to stay on your website and encourage them to make some action such as a purchase or filling the contact us form. If your site targeted to local audience makes sure, your content is written in a local language. Make sure you include local area keywords and important local features such as timing, preference, and offers in your content. Keep optimizing your content after a period and monitor your page performance through monitoring tools such as Google Analytics.

Social Media: You do not need to be a specialist to reach your audience through the various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The first you have to do is find which platform your local customers are mostly engaged and understand their need and try to keep in touch with their post. Share their post in your profile. Like their content, photos, videos if it is relevant to your business. Do not focus on sharing only your post. Sharing others, people information helps you to increase your account visibility.

Give your customer a reason to visit your business account page through following social tips.

  • Sharing Trending Information
  • Share Customer Review
  • Share Promotional Offers
  • Re-share others post
  • Like Other Post
  • Change your post format to see maximum response ratio.

Review: Nowadays almost 84% buyers are mostly trust on online reviews and rating before buying any product taking any services. Buyers mostly try does products or services, which are recommended or suggested by other people. Review plays a vital role in conversion improvement. There are many competitors in the market selling the same product as you do and through review and rating, you are increasing the possibilities to select your website to purchase products or choose your service rather than others vendors.

Responsive Design: The website, which is accessible on various devices such as Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile, tends to get higher conversion rate. In the recent report by, states that over 4.7 billion people moved to mobile and tablet devices and on an average, they spend 5 hours daily on their device. Offering your website in different devices may help your customer to buy products without any hesitation.

Trust Signal: Trust signal such as testimonials, reviews, and rating encourage your visitors to shop from your website confidently. Some site owner also uses SSL certificates on their website to protect their user data transmission by creating a secure channel between browser and server. There are many SSL certificate providers are currently available in the market such as RapidSSL Certificates, Symantec SSL and Thawte SSL Certificate providing cost effective data encryption solution.

Local Listing: It is most successful and free business promotional techniques. There is much free business listing websites such Google My Business, Bing Places, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Listing in local business directory may help your website product and services to local audience improve your website trust and relationship.

Schema Tags: If you have some basic knowledge about HTML coding, then you can use structure data to inform search engine about your Product and Services. You can also highlight your visitor rating in search engine result. All you need to add some extra code in your current website and you can easily test your schema code from here –


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