Solar Cooking: Rely with Reflective Material

Amidst the topics about global warming and climate change, there are a lot of eco-friendly materials that are created that mostly run on solar energy in the Philippines. There are a lot of things that can run on with solar energy, such as solar panels, solar chargers, solar dryer, solar calculator, and other objects that uses this kind of energy.

Today, solar appliances are also introduced to the public to promote the usage of eco-friendly materials that will help in saving Mother Earth. Since the presentation of such items, some individuals chose to switch in using solar appliances.

Solar cooking, as defined, is the act of cooking by means of the sun’s UV rays. Solar cooking is perfect when you are in the great outdoors; whether you are out for a camp or you’re on a hike, this is the best method of cooking in an alternative way. The very first solar cooker invented was dated back in the mid-1700s by Horace de Saussure when he used a box cooker to bake a fruit by means of the sun’s energy.

Now you’re wondering, what are these cooking appliances that run on solar energy? And does it really work? Well, here is a list of these food machines that are created for solar energy usage.

Solar Oven

There is a certain step-by-step procedure to make this appliance work, which consists of the following:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Heat Energy
  3. Retain Heat
  4. Capture Extra Sunlight

As per the steps provided above, the appliance’s main element is sunlight as it serves as a fuel for the device. When there is enough sunlight, it is then converted to heat energy. As the heat energy rises, the solar oven will then retain heat that will be needed in order to cook food. Extra sunlight is also a must to intensify the heat in the oven.

Solar Grill

The differentiation of a solar grill to a solar oven is that it has a vacuum tube that serves as an insulator that converts the sun rays into heat. As the heat rises inside the grill, the heat builds up which makes it the perfect time to cook food.

Solar grills have covers that does not heat up, meaning it can be easily touched and opened to check if the food is cooked or not. In addition, this device preserves the food’s flavor and value which makes it retain its healthiness.

Solar Cook Stove

This creation consists of induction coil and a sun-charged battery which helps to recreate electricity from solar energy. It also converts heat and light to boost its efficiency in cooking.

Solar Panel Cooker

This is known as the simplest solar cooker that anyone can build because of its low-cost materials. This model is travel friendly, thus, you can take it anywhere when reconnoitering in the open. One of the downside of this solar cooker is that it only achieves lower temperatures, meaning it cannot be used for frying foods.

Solar Parabolic Cooker

This type of solar cooker usually reaches high temperatures which can be used for grilling and frying. The Solar Parabolic Cooker uses a parabolic-shaped reflector which is placed in a small area under direct sunlight. This solar cooker can be compared to a traditional stove because of its generated heat strength. However, it is more expensive than other solar cookers.

There are a lot of benefits in using solar energy powered appliances. For instance, it uses the natural energy that the sun gives which helps you in saving electricity and gas. Another benefit of using this type of cookers is it can make your meals healthier in a way that the nutrients will not be removed in the food. Lastly, practicing the method of solar cooking can aid you in times of disasters. Disasters usually cause power outages for a certain period. In these cases, solar cookers are handy to have for cooking food in times of catastrophes.

Moreover, the best benefit of using solar cookers are mainly because they environmentally friendly materials. By using these kind of appliances, it increasingly helps save Mother Earth and it helps in improving everyone’s wellness around the globe.