Some Of The Best Android Apps In 2017

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Mobile app developers create apps for different purposes. The most popular category of apps is the category of games. There are so many games apps. Some of the best Android apps for different categories have been outlined below. The features incorporated in each app by app developers have been discussed too. The three categories discussed below are messenger apps, file management apps and keyboard apps.

Best Messenger Android Apps


This messenger app took the world by storm when it was launched. However, a lot of fantastic features have been incorporated into it ever since Facebook acquired it. It has been downloaded and installed by over one billion users and the figure is still increasing. New features are still being added and its security is becoming tighter. What makes it number one is that everyone uses it. It has rendered SMS redundant in so many countries especially when the WhatsApp call feature was launched.


This is another great messenger although WhatsApp is still far ahead. This app also has an end to end encryption and it offers group chat. It is known as a pioneer chatbots. However, it has an advantage over WhatsApp. A particular account can be used on multiple devices without deactivating one for the other.

Best File Manager Android Apps

Solid Explorer

There are several file manager apps for Android but Solid Explorer is rated very high because it is the closest alternative to ES Explorer. It allows users to navigate to two different folders and also allows files to be dragged from one folder to the other. What really makes it number one is its integration with several cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive and it is also compatible with FTP servers. This is more or less an all-encompassing solution for file management. It has many more impressive features. The ones listed above are just a few of them.

Amaze File Manager

This is another great and popular file manager app. It allows you to move, copy and delete files quickly. When you are working on individual folders, it allows you to toggle between table view and list view. It also allows you to create thumbnails for several file formats. However, it has one big drawback. It does not support cloud storage. Nevertheless, it is still a great file manager app for Android devices.

Best Keyboard Android Apps


This is one of the best keyboard apps for Android. It is known for speed and accuracy in typing. The most attractive feature of Fleksy is its big and bold character keys. While you need to press and hold the delete key in many keyboard apps, Fleksy allows you to swipe whatever you want to delete backward. The problem with this app is that when you get used to it, you might not be able to use the conventional keyboards again as the keys will be too small for you.


This is another fantastic keyboard app for Android. In fact, it is fantastic with tablets. It offers intuitive operation and it also offers good spell check for English Language and also offers word recognition. It is a good replacement for Fleksy.

The common features of all of the apps irrespective of their different functions are quick loading time, fast response, low battery power consumption and simplicity of use. There are several other categories of apps, the three categories outlined above were randomly selected.

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