Steady and reliable internet is important – Wired connection offers

Can you imagine life without internet? Right now you are sitting and working on the internet to earn money. It is that important in our lives, in all sectors now. When it comes to the internet, who does not wish to enjoy a high speed? Broadband is the invention that has changed the dimension of the internet and it has given a new face to all sectors.

Slow connection is a turn off

Are you tired of slow internet connection and need to do something about it? Here slow and steady won’t win the race so its time to apply for a broadband connection. Dial-up connections have almost become thing of past, just quit. You can opt for either wired or wireless connections. But if you really need a lot of stable internet, a wired is the best. Mobile internet is portable and it’s quite on the expensive side.

Broadband for high speed

As soon as you take broadband from Forfaits internet avec radioactif, you can enjoy a speed of minimum 256 kbps which a dial-up cannot offer. The landline phone will not interfere with a broadband connection. The connection is managed via cables and you can use the phone while surfing the internet. The connection is of high speed so it’s important to protect the computer from a high risk of virus attack. It’s imperative to have a checked and updated firewall.

The internet service providers take care so that there is no jamming or overcrowding while uploading and downloading large files. Reliability is one of the key factors and most of the service providers try to offer an uptime of 99.9%. Unlimited internet pack is the best because you can pay a flat rate and can use it practically 24/7. There are so many other packages available from various service providers, buy according to your budget and use. It’s very important to have a steady connection at home and in office.  With broadband service, you can actually save money and billing is done on monthly basis. Most service providers are offering mainly cable internet, DSL or fibre internet.

Cable Internet and DSL explained

Cable internet is a type of network communication that uses CATV infrastructure for carrying signals. A little portion of wires is used while carrying television signals. Service providers transmit digital signals to use the wire entirely.

It has been seeing that cable internet attract a lot of customers. You can choose a DSL if you have very little work on the internet and if you have a very tight budget. Comparing DSL and cable internet, the latter is high prices and connects faster. The main benefit you can enjoy is you can get internet phone via cable internet network, though there are only a few companies offering the internet phone.

If the speed of the internet is a major concern, stick to cable connection. Other connections have a speed ranging from 1mbps to 7 Mbps while cable internet offers to speed up to 12 Mbps.

Cable internet allows many internet service providers to cater to many customers but it’s a disadvantage if you are looking for advanced security. If you are looking for tight security, a DSL can be better off than a cable internet. When it comes to cable and DSL, security is a debated concern. DSL can offer more protection because every line is offered to a single user. Cable internet consists of a group of connections and there is definitely some lack of security. But issues are being resolved with improving technology like dynamic IP is the best as it makes hacking difficult.     

Information: IP is internet protocol address which is important for computers to trace and communicate with one another. They are basically two types: static and dynamic. While static is very rare, dynamic is pretty common.


Talking about wireless, cable internet is more stable that this technology. For people who choose speed over security, cable is the best. If you are stressing only on security, opt for DSL and for mobility and coverage, get wireless. The bottom line is if you want the best internet within your budget and for regular use, cable internet probably wins the race.

Finally, customers and subscribers are attracted to the internet because it can give profits. You can simply subscribe with a reliable local service provider like Forfaits internet avec radioactif and enjoy uninterrupted service.