Tips for Choosing the Right Fire Alarm

It is very important for any home or business to protect it from fire threat with the top safety devices available on the market. In order to help you understand the difference of the alarm system existing today, we consulted several biggest fire alarm companies in Toronto and created the following article.

Types of Fire Alarms

According to fire alarm experts fire systems for homes in general differentiate by the type of sensor that is used to detect smoke. The list of the most frequently used fire alarm systems in Toronto is below.


Ionization smoke detectors are best at detecting small smoke particles (which are usually simply invisible to the human eye) from either the quick-starting fires, such as those which are started by paper or grease, or fires started from arsonists.


This type is considered to be the most expensive one, though according to professional fire alarm companies this type is less liable to be tripped accidentally. As a rule, these systems are used for detecting larger smoke particles from fires caused by electricity or clothing, bedding, or upholstery.


This is a more expensive option because it uses two types of systems. According to the Toronto experts, you can reach same effect by buying separate systems.

Air Sampling

This is actually the type of systems which is more common for business or scientific environments, like laboratories or warehouses, because these spaces require a more sensitive degree of smoke detection. This type is considered to be the most sensitive type of fire alarm systems.

NOTE: For business needs it is highly advised to check flammable cabinets that will protect vital documents and paperwork of any business in case of a fire.

Fire Alarm Systems for Businesses

According to Toronto fire alarm companies, fire alarm systems for various businesses and larger buildings include software that can not only set off alarms but also notify the local fire authority that the system has been set off. The systems may have proprietary or open source software. The former type uses licensed applications; it means that they require specially trained technicians if maintained.

Building Size

In general fire alarm companies advise to have smoke detectors in every room of a house, including such places like attic and basement. You should also remember to install smoke and fire detectors in hallways close to bedrooms and make sure that you have one on each end of stairways. In Toronto you can easily find smoke alarms which are wired together which means that if one of the detectors goes off, then the entire system (the working part) provides you an alert. Experts advise to use photoelectric alarms for spaces near the kitchen. Remember that ionization alarms might be set off by even cooking smoke. Keep in mind that cooking fires are the major cause of all home fires and all sorts of home fire injuries, so make sure to put some type of alarm near the kitchen.

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