Tips for Creating Effective Content

Content is king. This statement has not been more relevant than right now. Search engines like Google are putting more and more emphasis on quality content to increase rankings. It’s understandable. Google wants to give users the best links relevant to a search query. The best links are often provided by sites with the best quality content. To remain competitive within your industry, it’s very important to invest in good content within your company’s overall marketing strategy. Here are several tips for creating excellent content:
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Be Unique

This is probably something you have heard before. Content must be unique to stand out. It cannot be repeated enough. Do not publish content similar to what hundreds of other sites have already published. It’s very easy to get lost in the sea of content. Rather, think of a unique angle to present the content. The content itself may not need to be unique, but the perspective with which you present it must be. For example, if you have seen hundreds of articles about, say, the importance of being good, don’t write another article on the topic. Find a new angle, such as the importance of not being bad. Or, you can present the same information in a new format, like a video or an infographics that others have not done so already. This is the only way to get noticed with content these days.

Create Evergreen Content

Content is often created to be newsworthy. The downside is that newsworthy content also soon become outdated. Evergreen content is content that does not come with a time stamp and can be seen online for years. The how-to articles or why articles you may have seen online are considered evergreen content. Publishing evergreen content is highly worthwhile. You can keep updating the content and use it for years afterwards, and therefore get the best returns for money spent. Evergreen content also has the potential to get shared many times over a time period, providing to be a solid source of traffic.

Get Help from the Professionals

Creating content on your own is not always easy if you want truly superior material. Therefore, seriously consider hiring a professional firm to handle SEO. There are SEO partner package offers that puts an emphasis on creating high-quality content. SEO partners can also combine other SEO efforts with content, thus giving you the best value for your money.

Mix It Up

Don’t publish the same content each day. Make sure you mix it up with different material. For example, do not write blog posts solely. Occasionally publish infographics, images and videos as well. Also, don’t stick to one form of writing. If you routinely write listicles, change the pace with a confessional for example. Offer a variety of content so consumers do not get bored.

Pay Less Attention to Quantity

Instead of striving to publish a hundred articles per month, consider publishing one or two really good articles within any given time period. Quality trumps quantity, and keep that in mind.

Make sure you hire good writers, and other talented personnel, to ensure your goal of creating truly high-quality content.

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