Top Offline Games For Android and iOS That Needs No WiFi

offline games no wifi

How many of you like gaming? There will be only 1 out of 10 who would say no to gaming. Whether it’s an old age person, a teenager, adult or a kid, everyone loves gaming and access to games is easier in today’s date with the help of smartphones.

I am going to share here with you the best ever offline games that don’t need WiFi, you can play such games at any location without worrying about the internet and connectivity.

Why You Should Have Offline Games?

You must be thinking that what’s the need to install these no WiFi games? I am going to give you a situation and it will explain why you need such WiFi free games.

Suppose you visited some alien place and unfortunately the internet gets disconnected and there is no WiFi around and on the top of it, you don’t have anything to do for some reasons, what’d you do? Get bored only.

So, to prevent this boredom it’s necessary that you should have some free games without WiFi so that you can play games and pass your time.

Which WiFi Free games you Should Install?

Now comes the other big question. Which non WiFi game you should install? That’s really a big confusion since there are more than 3 million apps on the play store alone and choosing the one out of such huge collection is really a tough job to do.

You shouldn’t worry at all because I am going to share with you some awesome games that can be played without WiFi all the time without any limitations.

List of Best Free Games That Don’t Need WiFi

You may have heard the names of few games on this list, do not forget to mention your favorite offline game in the comments below.

1.) BIA 3

Heard about it before? No? It’s “Brothers in Arms 3”, one of the best action games by Gameloft. The game is so addictive and well designed that you continue playing it for hours without taking a break.

The action is awesome, shooting is awesome and graphics are top notch, what else do you need to have some gaming fun on smartphone? It’s a complete entertainment package.

Just look at the trailer and you will know how cool this game is. This is not for those who don’t want to download heavy games because the total size of this game is around 500-600 MB.

In love with this trailer.

2.) Traffic Rider

A simple, cool and awesome bike game that needs no WiFi to be played. The game is endless but you are not running here, instead you are riding here, riding different cool bikes.

Starts with a low speed and end up reaching a high speed with lots of good background music and scenes.

3.) Brain it On!

it’s a puzzle game based on physics and it can bind you to the mobile screen for at least 30 minutes.

The task is simple yet difficult, I mean it may appear simple but may require your thinking skills.

4.) Unblock Me

You can find many games with the name on google play store and apple app store, download anyone of them. The goal here it to make the ball reach the final point by adjusting blocks in the maze. It’s really a fun game and the levels are quite challenging.

These are my top 4 picks for offline games that don’t need WiFi for android and iOS. Which one is your favorite offline smartphone game? Do tell us in the comments.