How to Track your Rankings for Keyword

Online business has become one of the most important factors if you want to grow your business. Building your brand may not be possible if you do not have a strong search engine presence. If you want to rank high enough in Google search results, the best way to achieve it would be to employ the services of good quality software.

What kind of a tool should you go for? A good software application that can take care of building your online presence should offer you several functionalities. An all in one tool that can take care of your brand building needs to track your backlinks, manage your keywords, spy on your competitor activities and handle on the page/off page optimisation of your sites. In fact, it should be a robust performer.

RankActive – The Best Online tool for SEO

RankActive is one such excellent application. It can handle everything you need to have from  SEO point of view.

RankActive is an all rounder SEO software that can track your online presence, keep watch on your competitor sites, and improve your online presence. It packs in several components within it. Some of the features that the tool comes with include Rank Tracker, Backlinks Explorer, Site Auditor, and Website Analytics. One of the best features that you should give it a try would be for the Rank Tracker feature.

What is RankTracker?

Rank Tracker is a part of Rank Active All In One SEO tool. It lets you track your ranking on the search engines. In fact, it can estimate the growth of your present dynamics. The service provides you a clear insight into how are the targeted keywords functioning with respect to search engine rankings.

Some of the advantages associated with the tool include the option to track your competitor’s performance. That way you can realign your strategies further. The software also lets you make corrections to your SEO strategy and analyze your current keywords effectively.

Salient Features of Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker Software has been considered to be the best part of Rank Active All in one tool set. It lets you track your ranking on the Google quite easily.

Some of the features of Rank Tracker tool include

  • Keyword Ranking – It lets you check out the ranked keywords. The software offers you Top 100, Top 10, Top 3 and Top 1 keywords.
  • Rank Checker – This is one of the important aspects of the software. This will help you find the exact ranking of the keywords you have used.
  • Traffic Volume – This is yet another parameter that would let you know the status of your keywords and where exactly they rank.

SERP Rank Tracker from RankActive is indeed the best option when it comes to a proper keyword analysis. There are several settings within the software, some of them being a Ranking overview, detailed view, relevant pages and ranking distribution.

In Conclusion

Rank Tracker from RankActive is indeed a great source of information on the performance of your online journey. Real time tracking can be quite helpful in analyzing your keywords and their effectiveness in achieving the necessary rankings on search engine. If you really want to take your business to greater heights, do opt for Rank Tracker service.

If you are SEO Expert/analyst, SEM analyst, online marketers or even the business owners, the software should be much help to you. What is your take on the usefulness of the tool? Do share your views on how it has changed your life for better.