Two Pillars of Improved Digital Customer Experience – CRM and CMS

In a digital age, everything around is digitalized. From online shopping to online payments, you name it and there is a digital version available. While digital customer experience is nothing new, using solutions related to customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) to enhance customer experience are relatively new. This article will list how your CMS and CRM application development can improve customer experience.

CRM Application Development

  • Resolving host of issues without manual intervention is possible with implementation of good CMS and CRM solutions. A customer with query or concern regarding one of your products or services does not have to necessarily connect with your team via phone. He or she may choose to have a written record by communication via email. An able CRM system would share an automatic acknowledgement, a CMS can work by identifying keywords in the trouble and suggesting a possible solution.
  • CRM and CMS solutions’ ability to offer self-help online resources is another aspect. Today business houses employ systems that helps them maintain the edge in the competitive market and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect answer.
  • CMS platform let’s you connect with your customers through a digital medium like a website, mobile app, etc. and a CRM let’s you collect and analyze data to offer personalized experience to your customers. Using premium CMS and CRM tools let’s you integrate the best of the both the worlds and offer a great experience to your customers.
  • CRM solutions enables you as a business owner to analyze data of visits on your website, how many of those translated into something meaningful, what customers are looking for, etc. CMS helps you attract people to your website by integrating blogs and keyword-oriented articles. These are essentially inseparable aspects to every digital business.

CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CMS like WordPress are fast, flexible and strikingly easy to use and learn. Any solution that offers these handy options are bound to interest any business house that eyes for growth. These have redefined the customer relationship management.

The benefits of CRM are well-known and if I have to mention those briefly then I would say that CRM allows you to diversify your services and keep track of each of the aspects of the business as efficiently as you would for any other. Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365 which offers personalized solutions for different business units like sales, marketing, operations, etc.

Similarly, the benefits of CMS are no secret. Giving each one a freedom to publicly advertise their products and business and the ability to handle the success is something that not a lot of platforms can offer. It is worth mentioning that popular CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. are profitable businesses and this speaks volume about the popularity of CMS.

Combining the individual benefits of both CRM and CMS for customer service can make significant difference in the way customers experience your services and this can be a sole determining factor in having happy customers.