Whatsapp in windows 7/8/XP

Whatsapp is the most popular and easiest way of chatting sharing something with someone. At the dawn of this app it is only available with android platform. But now a days it also available in java and windows platform also, It is a great news to java and windows user they can also use this beneficial app with their platform also.



You can share anything in whatsapp some application has there restrictions but whatsapp allow you to share a thing and it is faster than any other chatting software in market. Whatsapp also consumed low data service so it is save your money also. Whatsapp also can be run in slow data connection also.

Whatsapp is a software based platform it cannot be used in online you have install this on your device to use this. But there is a problem with this you have to provide your cell phone number for using this app most users does not like to provide their personal cell phone number to anyone unknown.

First you have to create an account by this app. For you have to go whatsapp official website to download this. Whatsapp is completely free in IOS platform in others it is free of cost for one year and you have to pay only 55 INR per year for continue this service. Best things in whatsapp that you have not tolerate any irritating advertisement because whatsapp did not accept any adverts and also not any popup which can irritate you. You can also import your phone contacts in whatsapp in pc.

In your cell phone you can easily install and use this software but in your pc its tough enough. You have to follow some steps below to use whatsapp in your pc.

Firstly whatsapp is not available in pc version so you have to use android version in your pc. So you have to install android application run platform on your pc. There are no differences between pc and any android mobile. But whatsapp in pc is easiest because there you can get access multiple things that cannot be possible in mobile version.

There are few steps to install whatsapp in your pc you have to follow the below steps to install whatsapp in your windows pc platform. Steps are-

  1. You have to download and install ‘Blue Stacks’ from bluestacks.com official website.
  2. Then run this on your pc and download whatsapp from ‘playtore’ and install it on whatsapp.

Then run the whatsapp application on blue stacks and create an account by providing a phone number that you can access because you have to provide a verification code which will send by whatsapp in the registered number.