Buying VS Building: A House Hunter’s Guide

In the Philippines, mixed used design is one of the growing trends in the architecture industry. Combining commercial and residential amenities in a certain development is becoming a norm in the country. A mixed-use zone definitely bring various benefits, such as greater housing variety and density, reduced distances between houses and workplaces, more compact development, and stronger neighborhood character.

Do you consider getting a house in a mixed-use development? Deciding the location of your dream house is one of the tough decisions you will make. You will consider the lifestyle you have, your budget, and its distance from your workplace, among others. Apart from the location, choosing between building and buying your home is a difficult decision, too. Read on and let’s weigh the pros and cons of building and buying your home.

Building your Dream House

Architecture blueprint with pen and ruler

Having the chance to see how your dream house was built is definitely fulfilling. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are some pros and cons of building your home.


  • Getting exactly what you want – Building your dream house enables you to decide what and how it would look like. You can decide how big your bedroom would be, freedom to choose the details that would complete the aesthetic look of your house, and what type of materials you will use.
  • Sustainable living – When you choose to build your home, you have the option to make it sustainable. Installing solar panels at your roof, using LED bulbs, and following new energy codes are some of the eco-friendly habits you can incorporate into your new home.


  • Expensive – When you decide to build your dream house, you are starting from a scratch. You will find the right spot for your house and get architect and builder to design and build your dream house. These things will definitely cost you huge amount of money.

Buying your Humble Abode

smart home 2

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying an existing home to help you decide whether you will build or buy a house.


  • Convenience – Being able to move in right away into your home is one of the advantages of choosing to buy an existing home. All you have to do is to transfer your things and decorate your home!
  • Cost-efficient – Most of the existing homes are cheaper compared from building a home from the scratch. You do not need architects and builders anymore, thus, enables you to save money


  • You can’t get exactly want you want – When you buy an existing home, chances that you may not like the interior of it or the floor plan does not fit to the lifestyle you have.

Acquiring your dream house is one of the essential milestones in your life. Both building and buying an existing home requires you to spend a huge amount of money. It is only up to you which way you will choose. Before deciding which of the two ways you will pick, read this article and evaluate both the pros and cons of each one. We hope that this guide help you in deciding on how you will get your dream house.