Top 5 Features that make an App Rank High in Apple Store

App store optimization is something that needs careful planning and execution. The right app will introduce your business to countless potential customers. A sub par product is not even an option if you want to keep the flame of your app burning in the App store. Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for your app to rank high at Apple app store. Here we have unveiled the secrets to creating a smart app that can achieve a high rank on App Store.

Apple App Store

  1. Short Yet Effective Title

A short title featuring 25 characters is good enough for an app to beat the heat of competition at Apple app store. Keep in mind applications with lengthy titles don’t attract much customers. The title of an app serves as the metadata that affect the search results. The screen displays only a part of the title; hence, a lengthy title could cut off your app from the list. An iphone app development company can guide you better here.

  1. Proper Use of App Store Keywords

You can define the keywords up to 100 characters in Apple Store. Keywords should be separated by a comma so that the ‘precious characters’ are defined efficiently. Also, know that Apple handles plurals quite better now, so make the best use of it. The Sensor Tower in Apple gadgets counts the number of characters added in a keyword list. It is hence wise to use increased number of characters for keyword optimization.

  1. High Exclusivity of the Icon’s Design

Visual appearance of an app is another important attribute that affects its popularity. To impress increased number of potential customers, make sure you come up with a unique icon. A professional offering iPhone App Development services can make your app stand out from the lot. The App Store has pre-set standards for colour scheme, design, and size of app icons. So the icon’s design should match the given standards or else it may get rejected.

  1. High Rating of the App 

An app’s worth is judged by its ratings. App store optimization is not possible without good ratings. The ‘push notifications’ sure have a huge impact on the likelihood of the prospective users. Is rating everything? NO. Even the best apps fail to attain high rating level on the Top Charts of iOS. But the fact can’t be ignored that the apps with one and two stars don’t really impress the users at first glance. The status of the app’s rank matters a lot. Look for an app studio to achieve your target.

  1. Addition Of Publisher’s Name in Metadata

App Store search algorithm uses publisher’s name for the search results. It is advisable to create search phrases using a mix of keywords and developer’s name. But you need to be really careful here. The publisher’s name should not rest on app-specific keywords completely. Hire iPhone app developers to ensure a productive iPhone app.


Apple app store optimization demands continuous efforts. Testing and optimizing the target keywords and analysing the competition continually are crucial to be in the lead. Analyse the effects of the keywords on the new users and downloads as the App Store evolves constantly. Nevertheless, professional iPhone App Development experts could come to your rescue.